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About Prep

In our Prep department, we are committed to providing an unparalleled educational experience for pupils aged 7 to 11 years old.

Academic rigour is balanced by their exposure to sport and the arts. Being a small school allows for more individualised attention and support for each pupil, as teachers can get to know each child’s strengths and tailor their instruction accordingly. Experienced teachers work closely with each child, providing personalised attention and guidance as they grow and learn. The teachers have been hand selected for their experience, knowledge, and incredible teaching ability.

In Form V, our children have access to the best possible resources and teaching, giving them the confidence and knowledge they need to excel in their preparation for the grammar schools. Our provision is specifically designed to give children the edge they need to succeed, with a structured learning environment and regular assessments to ensure they are on track to success. The undeniable proof lies in our outstanding results this year, with a remarkable 100% of our pupils passing the 11+ exams. The results are down to every member of staff knowing every child and understanding how to get the best out of everyone. Our small class sizes allow the teacher more time with each child, thus providing a greater understanding of their strength and weaknesses. No cramming is required when you truly understand the whole child.

Our Prep pupils learn to embrace new opportunities – a valuable approach to life in an ever-changing world. With increased independence comes increased responsibility, and by the time our pupils reach Form VI, they are well prepared for taking on roles of responsibility throughout the school.

During our Open Day events, parents are consistently impressed by the insightful tours led by our Form VI pupils. They share their experiences at Wycombe Prep, providing a firsthand glimpse into the opportunities we offer whilst developing their confidence and leadership skills.

Form VI pupils actively engage in planning weekly activities for EYFS during designated leadership time. This not only serves as a perfect opportunity for different year groups to interact but also furthers our commitment to developing well-rounded individuals at every stage of their educational journey.