Pre-Prep Extracurricular

Swimming: Weekly swimming lessons continue throughout Pre-Prep. With the expert guidance of our swimming coaches, children refine their strokes and enjoy the water, creating confident swimmers.

Art: A standout in the bustling week is a visit to the Art room, where children’s creative sides come to life under the tutelage of our specialist Art teacher.

French: Take a stroll to the shops, or grab a coffee at a local café, whilst having a blast picking up crucial vocabulary. 

Sports: Time to get active! Former British Champions and expert sports coaches help to burn off some energy and develop core skills.

Music and Drama: Present to 100 people? Perform in front of 300? No problem! Our Music and Drama lessons provide the skills and confidence needed to shine. Whether it’s a school assembly or a professional theatre in our end-of-year extravaganza, our pupils are well-prepared for every performance.

“Since moving my child to Wycombe Prep School their confidence and enthusiasm has gone through the roof!” – Proud Parents