Extracurricular Activities

Early Years

Children as Teachers: At Wycombe Prep, we love to discover secret talents and knowledge that the children have. We encourage children to prepare little talks to share their skills with the rest of the class. Even our quietest members send videos made at home for us to watch on our large interactive screen.  

Super Stars: We are already extremely proud of all the children at Wycombe Prep, and nothing makes us happier than celebrating their achievements together as a class.

Question Time: We believe that children learn about the world by asking questions. That’s why we run ‘Learn with Leo’ sessions throughout the week, where children are encouraged to write down questions for our wise toy lion, Leo, to answer.

Swimming: We believe swimming is a vital life skill that should begin as early as possible. We take our Early Years children swimming every single week from the age of 3.  

Judo: All our Early Years children participate in PE sessions taught by a qualified professional instructor. Children are inspired by our multi-award-winning Judo teacher, boasting 7 gold national medals. 

French: Our Pre-School offers the perfect way to introduce your child to a new language and culture through our stimulating French lessons! In our supportive and interactive environment, our Early Years children learn the basics of French through songs, games, and age-appropriate activities. They learn key phrases, vocabulary, and develop their listening and verbal skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

Leadership Time: Our tight-knit Wycombe Prep family extends to both staff and children. This family atmosphere lays the groundwork for our weekly Leadership sessions where our older pupils in Form 6 plan learning activities for Early Years children, providing the opportunity to learn from each other.

Library: Nestled within Wycombe Prep is our colourful and cosy fully stocked library where children can borrow a book each week.

Creative Arts: Creativity is encouraged at Wycombe Prep, complete with a dedicated artist studio where children receive weekly Art lessons from a specialist teacher. From their very first day, children have weekly Music and Drama lessons taught by a specialist teacher in our drama hub. They work towards the Christmas Nativity and a yearly production, with everyone playing a part and performed in local theatres and churches.

“The teachers know my child incredibly well!”

“My child had stagnated at their last school and was treading water, but since moving to Wycombe Prep School their confidence and enthusiasm has gone through the roof!” – Proud Parents