11 Plus Provision

We are often asked the question, “When do you start preparing the children for their 11+ exam?” 

There are two answers:

“From the day they start in Pre-School.” 


“We don’t prepare them for the 11+ exam.” 

The 11+ exam is a selective test to select the children who will thrive in a grammar school environment. At Wycombe Prep, we do not believe it is right for our pupils to cram for an exam, however we do firmly believe that it is our duty to ensure every child has the tools they need to succeed in the next stage of their educational journey. The grammar schools in Buckinghamshire have designed an excellent exam to find children who have strong English and Maths skills and can problem solve independently. 

From day one at Wycombe Prep the children are helped to develop their fundamental reading skills and their basic number skills. All pupils are encouraged and supported to think independently and solve problems for themselves. Our small class sizes mean the staff-to-child ratio is high and this results in the pupils making rapid progress in their learning and development.